Code not playing

Hya. According to the tutorial The way for a roll to indicate success would be this:


I’m trying to recreate a d100 based system (Mythras, Mythic Britain) and I’m believe this should work:


Athletics being a stat. But when the action is rolled, it only produces 0

If you see a 0 it means the roll was a Failure. This is the intended output from the Roll Flag.

Ah yes. Guess my specimen Character isn’t very athletic. :slight_smile:

Which brings up another problem. In this D100 system, Values below a certain level become critical successes, while at the other end, a very high failure is a fumble.

Is there a way to retain the higher values?

Ah! Now you are getting on to my favorite topic!

“More Advanced Roll Flags” is the Feature Request that you will want to vote and comment on.

Currently there can be only one Advanced Roll Flag (test) on any die roll. If/when/once that request is implemented you could add as many tests as you’d like.

Thanks for the responses.

Off to vote, then. :slight_smile:

I’ll add my vote as well. I’m currently running the Alternity 2017 system which uses a d20 roll with three different success levels (and one failure), so this would be useful for me too.

Alternity 2017 also has the unusual dice mechanic of adding (or subtracting) a “difficulty die” pending circumstances. Being able to specify that die as a “real time” input to an action would be useful for me – but I’m not sure any other systems would require such a thing. Once I get some more Astral time under my belt, I’ll consider adding that request, if it seems appropriate to do so.



Hi @dougmorgen

The new version of Vampire uses a Hunger Die which can cause all sorts of interesting things to happen with your die pool.

I had to perform some mental (and coding) gymnastics to get the roller to work for the character template, but it can, and does, work.