Clarification on Vision and dynamic lighting

So I have a question about the vision section of the character info tab. What do the two numbers represent? In my own testing I found that the first number doesn’t seem to do anything unless you turn aura on. Then the second number seems to represent the actual token vision. Is this the way it’s suppose to operate? Also, how does the dynamic lighting work with a D&D 5E in regards to characters with dark vision versus no dark vision? I read on a post earlier that it may have more to do with legality so I was just wondering. Thank you for you time whoever, if anyone, replies.

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Ah, shucks you caught us! :sweat_smile:

Good Q, and one that would surely strike some confusion to people getting used to Astral.

Way back when, Astral had multiple vision radii that would become dimmer as distance grew greater. It wasn’t a clean look, and the best way to make it look clean was to have the short distance only a little smaller than the long distance to give it a “Edge of the fog of war” feel.

When we released the improved Dynamic Lighting, we modeled it after that look. Seems that we never removed the minimum distance though, so that’s something I’ve made a task for. Thanks for bringing it up!

Is there any chance we could get dim light vision back? I’m making a dungeon right now, and as I’ve conducted some testing, I’ve noticed that one of my players who doesn’t have dark vision, can’t see a light ahead of him in a dark room or if maybe say a party member was holding a lantern 20 ft ahead of him. I’ve read people talking about the “shared vision” workaround, but the other player emitting light already has dark vision (he’s only holding the light to be helpful as he has a free hand), so if I enabled shared vision, the non-dark vision player would be able to see much farther than the torch would allow him to. I mean, it’s nothing world ending but it’s certainly bothersome.

Hi @annoyingman101

There is a Feature Request right here: LIght souce visible emissions - Feature Wishlist And Ideas! - Astral Support Forums (
that would allow what you would like to see.

Thanks mate, I just voted for it :slight_smile: