City of Mist Character, Danger and Iceberg Case Template

What is the game system your template is for?:
City of Mist

Brief summary of your character template:
Fully functional sheets for City of Mists, with automated rolls, rules display and MCs sheets

Link to character template:
Rift Template:

Rift Template DF (more dyslexic friendly):

Dangers Template DF (more dyslexic friendly):

*Dangers Template:*

Case Iceberg:

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?:
ADDED: The more dyslexic friendly (DF) version of the Rift (player) template was a suggestion from the user VestOfHolding over Astral Discord channel and I’m totally in agreement. So there is this option now. And remember: it’s easy to change the fonts and colord of any stat, take a look at the guide below to learn how.
I’ve created a page with tutorials to help you use this character template right away. The same instructions are included (linked) in the Character Notes section of each template:

City of Mist Template Guide

Some images:

Character Template:

Case Iceberg:

Annotations for MCs (Danger Template):

Dangers Template:

Created and added to the original post: a more dyslexic friendly player sheet (Rift Template DF and Dangers Template DF) that uses sans serif fonts.

Note: there is some projects with fonts specialty built for this and if Astral add this type of fonts to the available options I’ll be glad to update the templates.

This one is opensource:

Hi @Gus

Astral uses Web Fonts that are royalty free.

Coud you create a game and share the template. I cant acsess to the link because it is in your acount .

@vaga100 here it is:

Just let me know when you’re in the game, I can give you GM rights and you can save the templates in your Vault.

I’m working on a second version of the template I’ve called 2.0. You can ignore it, I’ll resume my work on that later.

@Gus , by any chance, could you give me GM rights in the character share so I can save the templates?

Hey can i get GM for These sheets?

Hi can you give me gm rights?

I’d love to get GM rights to these templates.


Would live to get GM access if Gus is still around

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