Chat Message when Damage/Healing is Received

I think this would be a nice QoL addition, that would simply send a message in chat when an enemy is hit by an attack or healed by a healing spell. Something along the lines of “X took Y damage.” when damage is applied or “X received Y Hit Points.” when an enemy or ally is healed. I believe it would be helpful for those that don’t have health bars and might be nice to have a log of who takes damage when!

Interesting idea. I can see some issues with it. If an enemy has fled and I, as GM, decide that while he is away he gets some healing, having it pop up in the chat that this enemy has just been healed when that is not information that I necessarily want the players to have could be problematic. Food for thought…

Also, if a bad guy is getting magical healing from a hidden caster, that would give away the trick.