Chat Export / Dice rolls parsed and exported

Hi ,
I would be interested in having the ability to export the Chat manually & automatically on game close.
It would be beneficial for the GM to have a copy of the Chat saved as it can be referred back to over time. however more importantly i would like the ability to export a list of all rolls made by a character.
So for example on a csv type export : Character name, dice type rolled, dice rolled, total.
an example row of data would be : Talkirin, 2D20, 7+6, 15.

This would be useful in many ways, it provides a record for results, it feeds my nerdy desire for data analysis, but more importantly it allows for an analysis of the dice rolling algorithm and can identify some serious issues that seem to impact on game play for some sessions.

I know that the dice roller is one of the reasons that some have moved away from astral and on some games player have started using discord dice bots, which takes away from some of the automated benefits of Astral.

I think that even purely from Astral’s point it would be beneficial to analyse the results in case the dice roller requires modification.


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