Character Template for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Here is a character template I made for Shadow of the Demon Lord. While it may not seem like much is included, it was all I could think of for the system, as it only uses d20’s and d6’s and has a small amount of character attributes.

Hi @RsMonpas, thanks much for this Template Submission!

You got this up before I had a chance to throw up the guidelines in the forums. Could you take a moment and review this forum post? We’d like to see a token for the character, it’ll look nicer in the vault. If none fits the system, just use a placeholder token such as the investigator.

I’m approving this submission for Community Review. Here’s a public link that can be used to view this template:, feel free to recommend change.

Thanks again for this submission!

I’m trying to view this, but it’s giving me a 403 error

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Hi @Agromania, this should be resolved, go ahead and give it another shot!

I’ve also updated the OPs link to reflect the public review version.

I can see it now (looks good!) but it’s in ‘read-only’ mode so I can’t really see the full attribute list or what any of the actions actually do

We’re in the process of fixing that, bear with us :sweat_smile:

Okay, we’ve fixed the issue with not being able to see all info, nothing should be truncated anymore. Feel free to check it out @Agromania

This is great, but I think the formulae for the challenge and attack rolls aren’t quite right. Shouldn’t they be !(1d20 + {Attribute-10}) ?

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Ooh, our first template correction! I personally haven’t played this system, @RsMonpas does that need corrected? Ping me if we need to update the template, also anyone else is welcome to weigh in here :slight_smile:

Made this a while back, but now that sheets are public I may as well share it. This includes the fix to attribute rolls, as well as adding some missing stats (also getting the proper shade of ‘dried blood red’)

Hi @Agromania

I found that 790000 works well for dried blood. The Vampire: The Masquerade sheet is covered with it. (The color, not dried blood.)

Your link gives a 403 access denied error.

I couldn’t access any of the links here, but I went ahead and made my own updated sheet based on the template with some fixes and added mechanics. You can find it here blank sheet

Please create your own thread for your character sheet submission so that the staff can review the sheet for fitness to include in Astral.

Thanks for the work you’re putting in.

Ok thanks for all your help.