Character Template for Shadow of the Demon Lord

Here is a character template I made for Shadow of the Demon Lord. While it may not seem like much is included, it was all I could think of for the system, as it only uses d20’s and d6’s and has a small amount of character attributes.

Hi @RsMonpas, thanks much for this Template Submission!

You got this up before I had a chance to throw up the guidelines in the forums. Could you take a moment and review this forum post? We’d like to see a token for the character, it’ll look nicer in the vault. If none fits the system, just use a placeholder token such as the investigator.

I’m approving this submission for Community Review. Here’s a public link that can be used to view this template:, feel free to recommend change.

Thanks again for this submission!

I’m trying to view this, but it’s giving me a 403 error

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Hi @Agromania, this should be resolved, go ahead and give it another shot!

I’ve also updated the OPs link to reflect the public review version.

I can see it now (looks good!) but it’s in ‘read-only’ mode so I can’t really see the full attribute list or what any of the actions actually do

We’re in the process of fixing that, bear with us :sweat_smile:

Okay, we’ve fixed the issue with not being able to see all info, nothing should be truncated anymore. Feel free to check it out @Agromania

This is great, but I think the formulae for the challenge and attack rolls aren’t quite right. Shouldn’t they be !(1d20 + {Attribute-10}) ?

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Ooh, our first template correction! I personally haven’t played this system, @RsMonpas does that need corrected? Ping me if we need to update the template, also anyone else is welcome to weigh in here :slight_smile:

Made this a while back, but now that sheets are public I may as well share it. This includes the fix to attribute rolls, as well as adding some missing stats (also getting the proper shade of ‘dried blood red’)

Hi @Agromania

I found that 790000 works well for dried blood. The Vampire: The Masquerade sheet is covered with it. (The color, not dried blood.)