Character Template additons for D&D 5e

Template addition:
Dungeons and Dragons 5e


Added several markdown tables and boxes into the notes section for the various items needed to be tracked during a session. Such as Inspiration, Hit Die, Spell Slots and Spells Known and Ability uses. Each table is in a quote box to make it easier to reference and edit. Also included a Stat table to show where bonuses are coming from for the character and some quick reference’s for languages, skill checks and equipped weapons. Mainly as an attempt to limit having to jump to DND Beyond for reference.
Added an spell example under Cantrips in actions tab for easy formatting on a Spell Save DC to take damage. Also Added Spell Save DC under attributes to have reference in spell action box.

Link to character template:

Is there any additional information needed to run this character in a campaign?:
Added as much as I could without making it onerous to fill out for players and mainly to make it more of a cheet sheet/quick reference to a character sheet, items and equipment could still be tracked on a pdf handout which would have the added benefit of being able to calculate weight as well.

Very cool! Thanks @AirFalco1!

I’ve approved this template for community review and updated the link. Remember, this is a revision of the existing 5e Character Template, so anyone wishing to recommend changes to @AirFalco1’s template must keep in mind that these changes must improve the template submission as compared to the already existing template.

I really like the template. It’s an improvement over the current template. Is there a reason neither template shows AC on the first tab?

Since AC is not rolled, creating an Attribute for AC, currently, has no value to Astral. I can suggest a quick fix however, that I use with my Pathfinder characters.

Using the Name field, enter the details like so:

Timmiron (AC16/11/12 CMD14/18 vs Trip)

Then in the Nickname field only enter the character’s name, like so:


This way when you need to quickly reference your AC, it is right there, but players / other players only see the Nickname, if Name Plates is turned on in the game settings.

That’s too bad. But you have a good idea with the name. I wish I had thought of that before creating a ton of characters. Thanks!

Hi @AirFalco1

As the original author of these templates, I’d like to inform you of a change and offer you the opportunity to update your submission.

We’ve recently included a new feature to Astral, Character Sheets. All templates must now have a Sheet included. With that being said, it’s important to note that we will need permission from the publisher before making templates live on the site, but Astral Staff will take care of this.

After some time, if the OP does not submit a new Template Character, we’ll open this up to anyone who wishes to submit a Template Sheet. Please be sure to read the rules regarding template submissions.

This thread will be locked. Please open a new Community Content post to submit a new character.

Thanks much!