Character sheets - feature plans, etc

I messed around with Astral several months ago. I don’t know if this was before or after the template/v2 rollout. All I really did was make a map, move character tokens around, mess with fog of war, etc. Didn’t touch character sheets.

All that is to say that I’ve been aware of and sort of following Astral for a while, but I’m not completely aware of what’s going on with the system.

So. What’s going on with character sheets? Is there a public feature plan? I like the action system a lot. It seems really robust, and probably easier to work with than Roll20’s (the only other one I’m really familiar with).

However, I really don’t like the (for lack of a better term) character sheets in the game. I need something that’s easy to edit on the fly, and something with a UI that’s more customized to the game I’m running.

For example, in actual D&D 5e, it’s super easy to track proficiencies. It’s a checkbox. You check it and edit the value. Done. As far as I can tell, in Astral, you have to edit the action itself and add a reference to the proficiency variable.

Or a different example: D&D Modern. In the character sheet for D&D Modern (and most other d20 derivatives) you have a row with a few cells: the name of the skill, the ability modifier associated with the skill, the number of ranks in the skill, and an additional slot for miscellaneous modifiers. In here, I think the only way to have something similar is to have 1 attribute per each of those things, and modify them in the attributes list.

These are… awkward. Am I missing something?

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You didn’t seem to miss anything in this post. What I suggest is that you have a look at the Character Template for Pathfinder (not Pathfinder 2nd Ed) where I have tried to address some of these issues.

The Actions for Skills / Knowledge have references to the Attributes needed for the rolls built in, so you as the GM or the player only need edit the values in the Attributes section.

If you have specific needs then you can copy an Action and just edit it to add / remove what you do or don’t need. For instance, I have built 2 attacks into the Melee and Ranged attack Actions, but you can easily delete the second attack, or copy it and add a third attack, just modifying the attack modifier. (after BAB, -5 for 2nd attack, -10 for 3rd attack etc.)

The Notes section is used for any character sheet information that is not necessary for die rolls, such as Feat / Movement / Equipment etc.

Further more there is some discussion going on around the character sheets so watch this space for more information.

Oh yeah, I did look at the Pathfinder sheet because I assumed it would do basically what it did - 1 field per ability score, modifier, etc.

Roll20 has the same sort of underlying system in their character sheets. If you look at the variables tab of a Roll20 character sheet, you can see all of these variables. In Pathfinder’s case, for example, it probably has Dexterity, Dex_Mod, Acrobatics, etc. The sheet just displays these variables in ways that are easier to grok (so it actually looks like a character sheet).

I would love if we had a system to build a character sheet that used the V2 character system. Some sort of click/drag interface and a way to automatically modify variables based on other variables. Change nothing about the existing system, just add a layer on top.

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Hi @Blarghedy!

We’ve been talking about this ourselves. It’s frequently mentioned by the community, so we’ve prioritized this recently.

That being said, we’re still in the process of developing a better system. We’ve been inviting community members to interview, I’ll send you a DM with details if you are interested in participating!

Thanks for the feedback, hope to build something great for you soon!

I thought it would be mentioned, but I couldn’t find any references to it on the forum.

Yeah, that sounds interesting. Send me a pm and we can talk more there.

Sent you a message with the details, thanks much!