Character sheet template for Palldium Books Rifts(tm)?

New user here on Astral and as per usual, only D&D 5E ,Whitewolf and Shadowrun being mainstay character sheet templates. Sadly nothing for Palladium Books (specifically ‘Rifts’ )).
Was wondering if either user created or Dev-built will be forthcoming?

It would be greatly appreciated.
Thankees in advance.

~Captain Qro.

5E and pathfinder seem to dominate every new update, yeah. It’s depressing. But this place’s new features request system seems to work entirely based on a popularity vote. Since 5E and PF are kings of the hobby, it’s unlikely that anything benefiting other smaller systems will happen as long as the popular vote rules the day. The only other alternative is to do it yourself, but sheet-making is a major time-sink chore.

I’ve got a homebrew sheet I made for Palladium games (Fantasy and Rifts). It incorporates some house rules but you can edit those out. Message me privately and I’ll add you to a private game if you want to check them out.

Somebody just needs to step up and create the sheets.

Unfortunately, it takes time, and money, to learn a new system, so not just anyone can throw together a character sheet that they are not familiar with.

Looks like I’ll be forced to do my own; already have the ‘photocopy for personal use’ PDF so… -sigh-
GOOD news is I have over a years worth of credit over at the ARRRR-Twenty site so I have time to work on a template here before migrating. WHO KNOWS, maybe someone will step up before then.
Thanks Nonplayer; I just MIGHT hit you up later for a looksee if I hit a brick wall.:+1:

Yeah let me know!

I tried for a while, but evetually gave up on custom sheet-making. Adding sheets for games that have lots of moving parts is not fun. The toolset’s inability to mass-select-and-move fields finally led me to saying screw it and have my online players just track their characters on paper and roll real dice instead.