Character Sheet error

Had to cancel a campaign session this evening because one of my players experienced trouble with his character sheet (and I did as well). Essentially, two of my three players connected fine, I could open up their sheets just fine, but one player’s character sheet basically screwed up astraltabletop altogether when I tried to open it. So he built the character new, joined, and once again his sheet was unable to be opened and resulted in a page error.

We tried kicking him from the game and having him rejoin, that didn’t work. We tried setting him to GM status and that didn’t work. He does live with me so I was able to see everything that he was doing.

Being able to delete characters without opening the character sheet might be helpful, but that’s just my opinion. We are just pretty bummed for having to cancel after being really excited for a week that we would give this a try.

@Anka, firstly, my apologies for not getting back to you in a timely manner! Please, if you ever experience issues in the game, submit a bug report using the reporting buttons on our website and I will get back to you within 2 business days. Most days I am able to respond well within 24 hours, I’m sorry this went unnoticed.

The issue lies with the players Character Sheet. We had several issues with specific character sheets causing the game to crash. Unfortunately in many instances we had to remake the character, which fixed the issue. We believe this problem has been resolved, so have your player remake their character sheet and it should be all set!

Please reach out if you have any further issues, we’re here to help!


// Closing issue as resolved