Character Interface Overhaul Idea


So my suggestion might’ve been something that has been said before and if it is I apologize! So my idea combines a couple of idea into a singular overhaul of the character interface for players and DM’s alike.

As you can see in the image below, this is the proposed overhaul to accommodate for a couple of ideas I would like to see implemented. These are the following:

  1. Handouts for tokens. Whenever I create tiles in game, I usually tend to make the tokens just the face, as the full art tends to stretch the tiles. I think a good remedy for this would be handouts that can be applied to a token upon hovering over it (for both DM’s and Players) or clicking on the character and using it. This lets both the party, the DM, as well as the audience (if this is streamed), to enjoy the good art that is used for that character! I think having the handout be adjustable similar to a new window would also be a good idea to conserve space as well. I think this’ll also be good for players to see what the monsters they are fighting look like as well, as sometimes with a cropped image it’s hard to get the full picture.
  2. Condensed Information This box next to the handout is what I think would be a quick an concise way for a person to know their character basics in combat. Instead of having to look at your character sheets (which might take a while depending on computer), you can look at this adjustable box with your condensed information, like name, a health bar the players can update and other game mechanics for your system (perhaps making it customizable on the DM side if they want to show additional information). I think having the option to have this box pop out or close could also be helpful as well, so if people prefer to use their sheets, they don’t have to worry about a lack of space.
  3. Character States I think another handy idea would be the incorporation of character states. For characters like Druids, Lycans or Barbarians, it’s hard to denote when they go into their Wildshape, Rage or their Transformation. Having the option to switch into a token of a Werewolf or of a Rat would be very helpful to show that that player is currently in a different state.