Character and Player Specific Line of Sight Bypass

I would love to see the ability to checkbox a player, character or the whole party to ignore LOS blockers from the Dynamic Lighting tool. With that tool, it would be nice to be able to designate certain LOS blockers as unobstructed specific to simulate thick canopy or rooftops.

Example: a GM gives a player’s bird familiar unobstructed vision within their sight radius, essentially simulating an aerial view of a forest that leads into a bandit camp in a field. The bird cannot see through the thick canopy, that the druid can see while on the ground, but it is able to see over the walls of the camp to count how many bandits are inside.

Another example: A hacker has remote control of a building’s security cameras, giving him a full view of the map while not physically being there himself. This would allow the hacker to spend his action to be able to give a short, sharp heads up of where the bad guys are to the team that turn. Instead of having to give him GM powers, a player specific unobstructed sight option could selected for that map. This would ideally not interact with shared party vision unless party unobstructed vision option was checked.

This is a really interesting idea. I’d love to see this teased out further. I can see lots of pitfalls in managing the implementation of it, so the details (where the devils always live) definitely need to be thought through.