Character and Creature Templates for D&D 4e

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D&D 4e

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There are two separate templates: One geared toward creatures and the other for player characters.

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Player characters:

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This is not a “lift and shift” of the paper sheet, but rather intended as an “online first” design, so most of the editable stats are only visible in the stats panel, not placed directly on the sheet. Most of the original calculations from the standard WotC sheet have been carried over, so there are a number of stats available to edit.

As a bonus, I also have a template designed specifically for traps/hazards that’s thematically consistent with the other two:

It just says

You shall not pass!

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Hi @jpmarcotte and welcome to the forums.

These links are to the user’s private account and as such you cannot access them.

Until the staff have had a chance to review the sheet and possibly make it public, you will only be able to get access to the sheet if the creator invites you to a game where the sheets are used so that you can save a copy to your own Vault to work on or re-use in your own games.

This post explains how community templates work:

If you’re interested, I can set up a new game and invite you so that you can make copies of the templates I’ve created.