Char. Sheet -> Action -> Display 1 roll with 3 different stats?

I’m trying to make a custom action that uses a single die roll and combines it with 3 different “stats” to give 3 different results (for homebrew shenangins, don’t ask :wink: ) . This would all be with a single character.

Example: Roll 1d20 and call the result “X”. I need to display:
X + {Stat_A}
X + {Stat_B}
X + {Stat_C}

… but it has to use the same die result for all three results, so I cant just use the !(1d20) algorithm three times. Is this possible?

Yes, I could have the players just roll and then add the stats themselves, but I’m trying to make it easier on the players and myself. Just wondering if this shortcut exists.


At present that is not an option, More features in this regard are in the Feature Requests though.

If a roll result could be assigned to a variable it would open up a LOT of possibilities:
For instance “name_last_roll”, “name_second_last_roll” and “name_third_last_roll” would make it possible to use one roll in many calculations (as suggested above) but also allow actions that compare rolls made by the same or different players (opposed rolls etc), or actions that could add or subtract from rolls after they are rolled.

Which feature request has this, so I can vote on it?

I think that this option comes the closest: Use dice results in math

Also see (and vote for?) this request:

Awesome, thanks everybody for the info (and the links!)

// Closing as duplicate of other requests, as mentioned in posts