Changing Player Map


Hello, I am a new user and I wanted to use Astral Tabletop as a digital tabletop for IRL games, putting a window logged in as a player account up on a projector for my players to look at, while I had the DM window up on a different monitor. During my testing however, I have found that my player window doesn’t respond to changes in which area I am in on the GM screen, I don’t know if this is a genuine bug, if I am not taking the correct action to change which map/area my players see, or if its something about my unique setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


I had issues with mine changing over to players as well. This is simply a workaround, not a fix, but if you open the map editor, move the map a little bit and save it again the window changes quickly for the players.


What are the changes you want your user to see? If I as a GM move some tokens around or modify NPC hp (or any other attributes) the changes can be seen by my players.

Have you submitted a bug report using the in-game tool? That might give us better insight into your system and why your changes aren’t proliferating to your players.


It can be hard to tell which map a player sees and change what map they are on. If I connect a player to a token then I can change the map and their view by moving the token. But I cannot tell what they are seeing without doing that. Would it be possible to put a “Default Player View” toggle or icon on the maps list for a game, and then whatever map the players are currently viewing would show active, and I could change the default map by moving that icon or turning it on/off?