Changing Player Map

Hello, I am a new user and I wanted to use Astral Tabletop as a digital tabletop for IRL games, putting a window logged in as a player account up on a projector for my players to look at, while I had the DM window up on a different monitor. During my testing however, I have found that my player window doesn’t respond to changes in which area I am in on the GM screen, I don’t know if this is a genuine bug, if I am not taking the correct action to change which map/area my players see, or if its something about my unique setup. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

I had issues with mine changing over to players as well. This is simply a workaround, not a fix, but if you open the map editor, move the map a little bit and save it again the window changes quickly for the players.

What are the changes you want your user to see? If I as a GM move some tokens around or modify NPC hp (or any other attributes) the changes can be seen by my players.

Have you submitted a bug report using the in-game tool? That might give us better insight into your system and why your changes aren’t proliferating to your players.

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It can be hard to tell which map a player sees and change what map they are on. If I connect a player to a token then I can change the map and their view by moving the token. But I cannot tell what they are seeing without doing that. Would it be possible to put a “Default Player View” toggle or icon on the maps list for a game, and then whatever map the players are currently viewing would show active, and I could change the default map by moving that icon or turning it on/off?

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I have the same issue. When I change the map on my computer it does not change the one on the players screen. They have to reload the page. I use a MAC and the player a PC…maybe it why.

In my experience, this can happen due to a number of things, and I don’t think that any of them have to do with which platform (Mac vs. Windows) the particular user is on. Large map images can cause issues with loading the map (even if the image is relatively small but just scaled up). Sometimes Astral has issues with newly uploaded map elements showing up without a page reload. For that reason, I recommend getting all of your map assets loaded before starting the game, as adding map elements from your Vault assets doesn’t seem to suffer from this problem, at least in my experience.