Change the way doors are opened

One thing that I find myself constantly doing in Astral, that is a bit annoying to do, is that I just keep accidentally opening and closing doors around the map when panning around it during a scene or a fight.

Because that is also how I get around the map. I just click and drag around the place. I don’t want to touch the doors unless I actually intended to do it, so it really feels like it would be nice of opening a door required a little more than just clicking on it.

Even just having it be an optional setting for the campaign, would be nice. To be able to either change the behaviour so that doors have to be opened by right-clicking them and then picking “open, closed, see-through” from a dropdown, or showing some kind of “are you sure you want to open/close this door?” prompt before the door actually opens.

(Edit: Think the suggestion got posted kind of half-way through my re-writing the text, so updated it to be a bit less of a mess!)

You can use the right mouse button to pan the map instead, preventing the possibility of accidentally opening doors.

That’s good to know! Though it would be nice to have the option to flip that around anyway.

I have a problem of my players constantly opening and closing the doors on accident and agree a small menu prompt would be nice.

As it stands I’m planning on no longer using doors in my astral maps because it’s less annoying to go in and delete a small wall than how the door currently works. Especially since many are supposed to be locked.

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Hi @igottafart

In the Settings menu (S) you can switch off the ability for players to open doors.

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