Change subscriber level?

Sent an email and never received a reply. Does anyone know how to change subscription level? I wanted to go from Gold to Pro but am seeing no way to do that anywhere?

Hi @cavelion and welcome to the forums.

I’ll pass a message on to Sketch to check the mail. I believe he was stuck in meetings most of the day yesterday.

Generally, you will just subscribe to the next level (in this case Platinum) and you either pay pro-rata (just the time left in the month) or you get discounted for the time you have used of your current subscription level for the month, but that is handled manually unless I am mistaken, so please do wait for Sketch to get in touch.

As a matter of interest, when did you send the e-mail?

Hi @cavelion, unfortunately I never got the message. Could you do me a favor and drop me an email at

I’ll pick up the conversation with you there. Thanks much!