Change sheets without clearing stats and actions

If you improve the background PDF or JPG used for a character sheet, either to add new fields change the theme (for example western or science fiction), or just to fix a spelling error, you have to start entirely from scratch to place the Stat and Action elements on it.

This Savage Worlds character sheet (preview attached) has over 300 elements that have to be manually dragged onto the sheet and aligned. This really works against releasing it, getting feedback, then updating it.

This is a BIG one. Even the most minor edit becomes impossible…like literally I have zero desire to improve my sheet due to the hours involved in realigning stuff…it is basically forever stuck in the “good enough” zone until this can be implimented.


Glad to say you can now replace individual pages, or all of the pages at once! The options are available in the pages sidebar of the character sheet.

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