Card Decks (previously card-deck-and-multiple-health-bars)

Looking at using thi for the GRAM Role-Playing Game instead of Roll20, but there are two features that will prevent this from working. In R20 characters and NPCs can have three health/energy bars attached to them, and you can have decks of cards. I think both of these would be useful for games of various systems, especially if the deck can be customized and the bars can be named.

As someone looking to set up a homebrew game that uses cards to supplement gameplay (they’re used to represent items), it’d be really awesome to have a proper card system as part of Astral. Particularly, it’d be ideal to be able to have multiple decks active at once. (My particular use case would require five.)

Plus cards are honestly just useful for a lot of things in general, even supplementing 5e gameplay for things like items and conditions.


Magic items, conditions, spells (or single-use tech). There could be a lot of uses for a customizable deck. As a 5e DM, I like using a deck of monsters and drawing random ones from a set.


Crit and Crit Fumble decks! I built some nice ones on :sneezing_face: and would love to be able to implement it here.


+1 vote for card decks.

The Savage Worlds system uses cards for initiative. At the start of each round players are dealt cards, plus cards to “boss” NPCs or groups of minions. Play is in descending order of rank, with ties determined by suit. When players get a Joker, they get some bonuses that round and the deck is shuffled.

Because of the Joker, it’s not feasible to just use random card values, it really needs to deplete a deck.


Agreeing with xBladeRunner here. One of the primary reasons I wanted to check out Astral was to use it for Savage Worlds games. It’s essential for there to be card draws in many a situation for SW, and in most of them, as was said, the deck needs to be depleted along the way, and reshuffled after a Joker.

In addition to this, cards are used in a couple of subsystems such as Chases and Dramatic Tasks. In these it would be very helpful to be able to lay a line of cards out on the player-facing map surface. Dunno if that’s doable, but you definitely don’t get things you don’t ask for!



Welcome HexMachine! I’ve been monkeying around on various ways of building SWADE character sheets. What setting(s) do you play? (I’ve been mostly focused on the core rules and swords and spells.)

Transplanting a conversation from Discord to here: There was a request to not only have multiple HP bars, but to also have HP bars be visible on the sheet. Additionally, an extra option to dictate which HP bars are shown on the token only, the sheet only, or both.


@SketchParker I don’t think that it was implied that the health bars be on the sheet, but that health bars can affect and be affected by Stat Values on a sheet, for example HP / HP_Max, Stamina / Stamina_Max

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It was also suggested that health bars not be required to be on the token, as well as available for view on the sheet. I’m not sure who I had the conversation with, but it was last week via Discord so I wanted to make sure the thoughts don’t get lost from Discord being Discord :+1:

I think you had another conversation as well about HP bars being affected by Stat Values and vice versa, all good feedback suggestions.

Hi, I’m the developer behind Parselings, a Deckbuilding TTRPG. As a deck building game, each player needs to be able to use their own customized deck of playing cards to generate their probability engine to play the game. The game should be launching properly around July-August (tentatively)

If you’d like to find out more information about this game, go to

kind regards

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Hi, new user here - I’m just exploring Astral for the first time and what I really, really want is a platform that can play Wyrd Games’ “Through the Breach” online. It’s difficult to find something that works well for that game because it uses decks of cards in place of dice, and needs a persistent shared deck for players to draw from. If Through the Breach functionality could be added to Astral I would definitely drag my friends here!


I’d just like to add that Savage Worlds is far and away the most-requested system over in Which rulesets and systems would you like to use in Astral?, and that this feature would be a key step towards supporting that


+1 to card decks, I’d love to run Torg Eternity in Astral but it requires multiple decks of cards to run a game


+1 for card decks.

I’d love to use Astral for my online games, but without card decks I can’t run Savage Worlds games so it’s kind of a non-starter in its current state.


While I also would love a card deck here. I will toss out for those wanting it a workaround right now is to use Discord and add the Savage Bot and do card draws there while using it for voice chat also.

Not as great as having it here but it might help until they hopefully add it here

+1 to playing cards (that remember which cards have been already drawn).


+1 for custom cards and decks

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I’d settle for just a deck of cards. But a custom one would be even more amazing.

I could use three customizables bars too for the RPG I intend to play here.

If you are curious

It’s a french RPG named “Shaan” that uses three different ressources as health bars (Body, Spirit and Soul)

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