Can't see friends in live video. Can only see our own webcams

Trying to set up a session but no one can see each other on the live stream, we can only see our respective webcams

Hi @xandervuge! Welcome to the community!

If you could submit a bug report from the Live Video screen, that’d be very helpful! It collects some important data that could help us find the cause.

In the meantime I have some troubleshooting steps located here!

I hope this helps, please reach out if you still have issues. I’ll keep an eye out for that bug report as well :slight_smile:

We are having a similar issue. We have 2 users at one physical location and 1 remote user. The two of us in one house can see and hear each other through the live video screen, but the remote user cannot see/hear us and we cannot see/hear them. We all tried the troubleshooting steps and it didn’t help. This hasn’t been a problem before, as the three of us have played together at least a handful of times before this, the last time being 3 weeks ago, I think. I submitted a bug report, I hope it’ll help find the root of the issue… I’m loving Astral so far, but the video feature no longer working is a huge drawback.

@Ceika I’d like to confirm that you and none of your party are running a VPN service. As of this weekend, VPN services such as PIA have started disrupting the site’s normal activity. We aren’t sure why, but it’s important to inform your party while we figure out how to expand our support to previously supported services.

Thanks much!

We are not using a VPN on our side, and I don’t believe the third user is either… but I will check with him.

@Ceika Keep me posted, drop a bug report if it’s still giving you issues. We’re tracking down a few performance issues that have been popping up, the bug reporting tool gives us important metadata that might help us track down the cause.

Sorry your session was affected, we’re on the case!

Latest update: No, neither side was using VPN. Finally got a chance to test it again tonight, and all sites connected just fine! We are back in business! Thanks for looking into this and helping out.