Can't edit or move objects in map creator

So it seems I’m experiencing a bug.
I can create a new map, choose assets to add, but once placed, nothing I do can move them. I can’t mouse left click and drag. nothing moves them. I also can’t really zoom in to the max. The grid doesn’t change even if I change the grid type, and generally, it feels like the site is frozen.

Anyone else experienced this?
(I’m running win 10 latest version, and have a 1gb internet connection)

I found the same thing under the this report: Cannot move images on maps
It seems that the issue is only in the editor in the vault and not it the game.

I submitted a bug report saying the same

I tried going into a game and doing it… still didn’t work

Please report a bug. It should give the devs more info to tackle it down.

Remember that this bug is only present in the Vault editor.