Cannot move images on maps

Hello! WAs wondering if anyone else was affected by this!
I’ve been making a lot of maps, which has been going great.
All of a sudden though, when ever i place a new image in, it is locked and unmovable.
I was just wondering if anyone else was having this problem?
It just happened out of no where and the layers are not locked- they’re fresh images.
So i don’t understand what is happening. Any ideas?


Hello @Wolfbane378. Welcome to the forums!

I haven’t seen this. It sounds like a bug. I would definitely recommend submitting a bug report from within the map editor (this helps the Devs with diagnosing the problem), then I’d try reloading the page. Do make sure that you exit the map edit mode, so that it saves the map, before you reload the page. If you don’t you might lose some or all of the work that you’ve put into your map.

I hope this helps!

Hi there,
I have the same problem. The zoom function no longer works when I want to build a map.

@Livuarn I am currently building a game and not seeing this issue.

Please use the bug report tool if you are seeing problems.

I have this same issue since the last update before Christmas. I can resize objects, and move them by modifying the X-Y coordinates, but not move them by the mouse.

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Hi @Auxrex.

I’ve been working in a map and not seeing this, so it is not 100% pervasive. Please make sure to submit a bug report when you see this happen.

Did you try reloading the page to see if that would allow things to start working again?

Hi @SnowyRiver,

I did submit a bug report. I was able to duplicate the issue in both Chrome and Firefox. I also found that (at least for me) the issue is for maps in the Vault. Maps in a game do not display this issue.


Hi @Auxrex.

Yes, I have heard that there is an issue with the map editor in the Vault. In all honesty, I’ve never used the Vault’s map editor, and from what others have said, there are short comings with both the character and the map editors in the Vault. As a result, it is generally recommended that most editing activities for both maps and characters is best done in a game, even if the game is made purely for doing such edition activities before saving them to the Vault for use elsewhere.