Cannot delete character in game

I am four (4) days into Astral and some friends started a DnD game - I created a character in the game and want to delete it in the game (using the delete character option in manage character) and after clicking that specific button, the wheel of life continues to spin after getting prompts asking if I want to delete it (which I answered - yes and yes and yes) … but alas the wheel never stops and the character NEVER gets deleted. What is the problem - why can’t a player delete a character in game??

Hi @Dracos,

At first glance, that does sound like a bug. Please report it so the devs can look into it (bug shaped icon in the bottom left, while in the game).

Many times, even if you’re unsure, it’s best to report performance issues. The tool itself gathers meta information that will help the devs figure out what went wrong.

You should receive an email shortly after the report. You can reply to that email and attach screenshots or additional information you might have missed.

Remember that if you are not the GM in that game you cannot delete the character.

Thank you, this is helpful information, and does bring some calm to my DnD mind :slight_smile:

I was thinking there was a glitch or an issue - but will share with our group so that others are informed too.

Happy hunting one and all and enjoy your weekend(s).

As always,

Sincerely yours

Glad to have been of some help.

// Closed as resolved