Can I use astral on an iPad?

Long story but my laptop broke last night and I’m supposed to be running a dnd game tomorrow, I only have access to an iPad. Does anyone if that’s possible, and how it works?

I have heard of people successfully playing Astral on mobile devices, but I strongly suspect that you will have trouble attempting to GM a game on your iPad.

Astral staff are continuing to find ways to improve performance on mobile devices but, as it currently exists, Astral is not intended to be used on mobile devices.

Chat, Initiative Tracker and the Audio Player are supported on mobile.

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Depends on how set up your map is - I’ve done it before with a dungeon I’d already laid out and populated, but (from memory) it’s very difficult to add new character tokens, and basically impossible to do any kind of lighting or map editing stuff - drag and drop isn’t feasible on iPad (at the moment at least), and sometimes there are loading errors (ie, when I just checked my current game, the map hadn’t loaded).

It’s more functional than roll20 on mobile, but tablets just don’t support this kind of application yet.

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