Call of Cthulhu 7th edition in SPANISH

I made a Sheet for Call of Cthulhu 7th edition in SPANISH.


  • Full automatic sheet (damage bonus, build, move rate, chance of fumble, etc).
  • Facsimile.

Link to character template:
Publisher in Spain:

Hello, could you please send me the template?
Thank you in advice

Hi @Angelo_Scipione, could you let me know if the publisher allows this sheet to be publicly available, or if you have received permission from the publisher to distribute this sheet?

I have reached out to the publisher, I hope to hear back soon.

I’m sorry… I expected that you ask them. I’ll send them a mail as soon I can.

Oh, they do.

But if you have a more direct way to contact them, it’s possible this can be released. :wink:

And remeember @Angelo_Scipione that Sketch means the publisher of the sheet that you used, not the publisher of the game.

The publisher of the game is quite happy with Astral posting sheets for the game.

It’s the official Spanish sheet… It’s quite hard to contact Edge for me. I’ll try to do the best.