Bulk Updating Assets

Being able to select multiple assets at once to move or delete them is almost a necessity. Rather than take me the 10 hours it might to select each individual asset, delete x2, then select the next to clear out my max-capacity library-- I’m going to have to just delete my account.

I don’t want to, but I don’t exactly have a choice.

PLEASE give users the ability to bulk select assets!!

YES! And not just delete, but make all hidden/shown at once. Ran a session last week and had to unhide 12 ravens at once for a puzzle quest which took a hot minute.

Hello @lulunacy
What this post is describing is the Asset Management, and not in-game management.

Were the ravens that you had to unhide Characters, or images on the map? If they were images on the map you can create a Trigger, then add all the (hidden) ravens to the Trigger, unhiding them in the trigger. That way when you activate the Trigger it would show all the ravens at the same time.

This method requires setting up a trigger, which needs you to add to that trigger each raven image / token, a lot of time.

I think he wants to add to the ideea (the OP is recommending the CTRL+click or box select multiple assets) the interaction to in-game tokens with a limited amount of interactions (show/hide, status effect icons, recolor boreder, deal AoE DMG, etc.).

Which i gotta say, i could really use that.

The OP was referring to the Vault and assets in the Vault. But yes, selecting multiple characters in game and applying Hide / Show to them at once would be a nice feature.

Yes to both suggestions mentioned in thread.

1 vote for 2 sugesstions! evil laugh