Bring Back The Stats and Abilities Tabs

Okay, so, I play a lot of homebrew. A lot. If I’m not playing homebrew, then I’m playing something with extremely simple stats. So I don’t have a sheet. I could make an image, sure, but the thing with some of these games (hi Risus) is that their stats aren’t consistent and neither are their actions. Making a template won’t help speed it up.
So what would be really cool is just the ability to add stats and abilities without needing to upload a sheet first. Maybe have an option between the fancy sheet and a plain text version? It’d be easier to look at too a lot of the time, at least for me.
Edit: I made this post after staring at the character sheet and the official FAQ and only after I went on a manhunt for it, I find out there used to be tabs on the character sheet for stats and abilities. It would be awesome if we could maybe have those back, both for people who constantly play games without templates and those who just like a more compact view of their sheet. Having the graphic is cool but it’s not universally workable.

I’ve pushed for this in the past as well. You’ve got my vote.

Yes, an option would be nice…the other thing this is good for is creature/monster/npc sheets, as I commented on in the monster/simple sheet request elsewhere on the site.

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I also just realized, if they added an option to hide the paper sheet, the new overview option would serve fine. They just have to add folders to it.

Yup. I just just checked back in on this site after seeing an ad on Drivethru RPG, but it’s basically useless to me in its current state, because I tend to play a lot of homebrew or obscure games and I generally don’t have a PDF sheet ready and waiting to go. Generic character info tabs are pretty much necessary for me to play, though a black page we could build custom wysywig sheets with (either as personal quick references or things or “official” sheets that can be handed to players) would be a nice bonus.


Welcome to the community! I see this is your first post on the forums, though I know you’ve been with us for some time. Glad to have you here!

You may not be aware that we implemented the Stats and Actions tabs in the extra settings for Sheets. Click on the “gear” icon to reveal them.

When you create a new character who doesn’t require a sheet, you can simply upload any image you want instead. From there, you can (if you so choose) set up the character’s actions using that image to edit the actions, then apply those actions to the action bar. After that you’ll probably never need to open your character sheet again other than to make changes to your action bar.

Editing Stats is even easier, as we’ve enabled in-line editing of the Stats Tab.

Hope this helps! Thanks to everyone who provided us this feedback.

// Closing as fulfilled. If you’d like to recommend enhancements to the Stats and Actions tabs, please open a new feature request.