It would be good to have an option to were The DM can change maps or set things up mid game with out the players seeing. Having a option that the DM select and all his players only see a curtain while he sets the stage for the next act.

To add to this Maybe a in lobby switch. So between games or when players log in early they are placed in a lobby till the DM gets things rolling.

You can “kind of” do this, if you place the tokens outside of a DL area or entirely contained in one they will see nothing outside of it. It’s not the greatest solution, but it is a solution.

Another option would be for the GM to move the Players to a Lobby page after each game session, but I can see where remembering exactly where players were positioned can be an issue.
Another option would be to disable token movement by players at the end of a game session, or when the GM needs to make on the fly changes, so that the players cannot move their characters and explore when the GM isn’t around, or is busy. The “Allow Players to Move” setting on the settings page (S) will allow you to control this.

“Not allowing the players to move” doesn’t solve the issue of the players seeing things they aren’t suppose to see (yet). As the view can still be panned about.

A “lock screen” function would be more apt for that.

But it all depends on if you’re moving between maps. If you’re not, just boxing them into a DL area, or preventing screen movement would suffice.

If a “blindfold” (ala what Tabletop Simulator does) were to be implemented (and personally I think it should) player movement should be disabled when this is enabled as well.

Ran a test with one of my players. I can zero the vision but when I change the map it blinks for a sec to where he could see the entire map.
While not a big problem it could reveal where the boss room is or similar.