Better "search for"

It would be nice to have a better search system for finding “keywords” rather than “exact words” which causes problems when you have as much “stuff” as I do. Rather than having to type out “344567562-434454-pnnn5-firewood-433aaa” it would be nice to just type “FIREWOOD” and have it associate the long string with that one word which is a part of a larger worded structure. Instead it wants me to type out “344567562-434454-pnnn5-firewood-433aaa” in its entirety, same for maps and so on, I can not just “associate” word something but instead must agonizingly go through every single detail to find something simple.

Hi @Matthew_W

You can tag your assets and Search will use those tags. I haven’t had issues with the other issue previously, although there have been changes to search in the recent past that might have made this an issue.