Better navigation for beginners

As a newcomer, I’ve been tripping over these things. Maybe they can be improved.

Where should I look for answers? The forum (here)? The Help Desk support page (abandoned)? The Discord server? Is there a wiki where knowledge and experience is shared user-to-user?

It would be nice to have navigation links from the forum to the game. I feel stranded here.

The search button is invisible, just change the color.

In order, I would suggest that you start with which is being updated (albeit a little slowly) as features are made available, then Discord if you’d like a quick answer, and then finally here in the Forums, as that will allow the community to come together to work on a solution for you.

As always, if you run into a problem (bug) hit the Bug Reporting tool first, then head over to Discord to discuss the issue. Someone else may have a temporary work-around for you.

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