Better Character Management

Having run several sessions through Astral now, I’m starting to get overwhelmed with the number of “characters” I have in my game. I have all my PCs (plus their various familiars and/or animal companions), plus multiple enemies from most encounters, plus any past or temporary characters or NPCs. If I want to clean up the ones from past encounters I’m sure I’ll never use again, I have to click on each one individually, wait for the character sheet to load, then delete it, then accept a confirmation. After just 3 sessions I already have probably 20+ “characters” to delete and it’s a huge pain for each one.

And that’s assuming I actually want to delete it - many of them I would really rather “archive” than delete. Some are just useful (a random undead creature for throwing into a later encounter) or are NPCs that don’t return often but would be nice to keep around when you need them rather than having to either recreate them every time or let them sit in your “Characters” list forever.

My very minimal feature request is - give us a tab or page where we can see all our characters and organize/archive/delete them in bulk without opening each one.

Ideally what I would like to see is non-character tokens - the ability to create tokens that are not characters. No character sheet, HP, actions, anything. Just dumb tokens that belong to a specific map. They can still be added to Initiative, but otherwise are basically scenery that I can move outside of Edit mode. When I open the map, they’re there. When I close the map and go to a different one, they don’t show up. (Obviously it would be nice to be able to put them in the Vault and/or Copy and Paste them, but that’s less important when they’re so simple.)

This would be an enormous time saver for me because most of the time when developing encounters I’m not re-using anything I’ve used before, so I have to go through the whole rigamarole of creating a “character” that hangs around in my Characters list forever on every map even though I only ever intended to use it for one combat. If instead, I could just click “Create Token” and give it an image (and set the name and size, I guess) then I can play it much more like a physical tabletop. I’ll track the HP, abilities, vision, etc. as the GM, just give me something to show my players and that’s all I need. If it’s easy to add HP, that could be helpful but the key is just to have something quick and easy that doesn’t require loading a whole character sheet every time.

EDIT: I just realized another benefit of non-character tokens - spell effects. It’s so silly to have to create a “character” for a fog cloud or a flaming sphere, which, again, sticks around forever after the combat is over until I get around to deleting it. This allows you to quickly create those effects on the fly in combat.


There a a few similar requests to yours. Many of them have already accumulated some votes (and votes are a good way of letting devs know that this is something the community as a whole wants to have).

May I suggest you check them out and vote if it’s something you’d like?

Also, delimiting your request to small bits might be easier to be addressed.