Best way to manage skill lists

In Savage Worlds, creating characters involves selecting from a list of skills (and edges, and hindrances).

You might take Shooting 6, or Fighting 8.

I can see how, for one character, I’d just put their choices in the Actions tab. But I have over a dozen players in my campaign. Is the usual pattern to teach all of them Markup and how to enter the skills they choose?

Or is there a way to create a list of skills with the Actions already defined, and let them choose which skills to use and what level to apply (Shooting 6 or Shooting 8)?

For example, could I create two Action categories, “Skills you have” and “Skills you don’t have” and allow players to drag Actions between them?

What I have done, specifically for my NPCs, but your players can apply it as well, is for them to just change the color of Skills that they DO have so they can tell them apart from skills that they don’t have.
Another option is to create a Category with all the skills in, and a second Category with “Known Skills”. Your players can then copy their learned skills from the “All Skills” Category into the “Known Skills” Category.

Hope this helps.

That’s very helpful; I’m trying out “Attribute Rolls”, “Skill Rolls”, and “Skill List” categories.

Is there a way to sort the categories or actions after they’re created? Or do I need to do it right the first time?

If you find that they are not in the correct categories, choose the “Copy” option, selecting the correct Category that you actually wanted.
After that, delete the one in the incorrect Category.
Unfortunately there is no way to reorder the Categories, Actions or Attributes once they have been created.

I would suggest that you keep an eye open for an interesting announcement Coming Soon™