Auto roll init in Combat Manager

It would be really handy to have an auto-roll init button in the combat manager. By clicking ‘Auto roll Init’ each character assigned to me (or not assigned at all) in Combat Manager will get an init assigned. This can also be done as a configuration setting ‘Auto roll Init NPC.’

I bring this up because I’m setting up an encounter with 21 kobolds and 7 lizardfolk. That’s a lot of individual rolling.

The issue with an option like this is that not all Game Systems roll initiative in the same way.

True, but I also select the game system I’m using when I create a new game. It could be a built in programming element when I choose my game system. In the same way that full character sheets are being worked on.

// Closing as fulfilled! Use i!(1d20) to roll a d20 for initiative, which will also automatically sort the character into the combat manager.