Auto Map Movement for Character tokens with Stairs

So as I explore map making on here, I love that doors are a thing and reflect what characters can see. However, I also noted that there wasn’t a lot of options in terms of stairs. Let me explain:

Most D&D maps (or tabletop in general) that have stairs require a new area to be drawn to represent what is up those stairs. Since players can click on doors to open them, I though it would be really handy to have a stairs feature that is similar. For example. say a character wants to move between floors. Instead of me right clicking the map and manually moving each token of the party, wouldn’t it be better if they could click on the stairs and simply move to the relevant area on the map? It could be done I think using anchors. Click one stair anchor, and your token automatically moves to the location at the other end.

If this is already a feature, I’m probably just blind and could use a pointer. Otherwise, can this concept be done?

Hello @Autonomous

This proposal already exists here: Allow triggers to move players

Please leave your comment on the older thread to improve its visibility and increase the chance of it being implemented sooner.

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