Autistic so bear with me please

Despite googling, I cant get a read on whether this works on android devices.

I know I cant find it on the play store.

Can anyone tell me if:

A. its on android but needs a .PAK install or something
B. Its not on android … yet
C. Its not on android.

Bonus points for D. is there a workaround to get it running on a tablet?

I have just bought a Nebula Capsule projector and i can load apps directly on it or I can screencast from a tablet to the projector but I have hit the above wall.

I apologise if this has a topic elsewhere, I could not find it

Kind Regards


Hi Shawn, thanks for writing in!

So, currently our support for mobile/tablets are limited to Add-Ons such as the Dice Roller, Tabletop Chat, Audio Player or Combat Manager, but we have prioritized the mobile in-game experience. We have more about our roadmap located here!

As for workarounds, maybe someone can speak better than I on this subject, I mostly use Astral on PC and Mac.

While we’ve had this feature in our sights for some time now, it’s still useful to drop a vote here in the feature request! Also, go ahead and drop a comment on why this is valuable to you. That bumps the topic to the top as well as gives us valuable insight in how the community is using Astral, so we can better tailor it for you!

Thanks much, always feel free to reach out with questions or feedback!