Aura perimeter and possible lightsource use?

This is a quickie, Auras, nice to have but a pain to tell if you are actually in them.

Any chance for a toggleable border? That way you can tell in a glance that someone is within an aura or not.

Naturally, if you wanted to be fancy, you have these nice new Light source goodies for torches and such. Stapling that to an aura, so it doesn’t go through walls, well, that’d give me ol’ aura monsters a better surprise than toggling them hidden until they open the door.

Bonus points if you make the auras into a toggleable light source as well, as glowy people should be visible from a distance… sometimes.


Hi @RickEfinn

The existing request for this is here: Can we get a choice to do old-style aura?

Please vote and / or comment on that request instead to prevent splitting votes.

// Closed as duplicate