Audio Player Starts Songs Halfway Through

When attempting to play a song while an existing song is playing, the new song will often start playing at whatever timestamp the old song was playing at. For example, if you’re playing song #1 and are 30 seconds in, then switch to song #2, song #2 will start playing at 30 seconds in.

This happens on its own quite a lot, but is also easy to replicate. Simply start playing a song and wait about 2 seconds, then switch to another song and it’ll start at that same time stamp. I’ve tried everything I could think of, but nothing prevents this from happening, not even pausing the song before switching.

Has anyone else been experiencing this issue, and if so, is there any work around I can use?

Hello @edcellwarrior and welcome to the Forums

I’d suggest using the in-app Bug Report tools (found under the settings menu in-game, to report this issue. It will just get lost here in the forums.


// Closed - Bug report

Edit: At the Op’s request I’ve re-opnened this bug report for conversation.