Astral's Gift to the community: A free D&D 5e compatible adventure, coming soon

Hello Astralnauts :wave:

I’m sorry to say that this isn’t “The Great News Ping” that everyone’s been waiting for. But, it is a good announcement nonetheless. After several delays…

I’m proud to announce that the new Astral-Exclusive adventure is almost ready for release!

As a thank-you for being a member of the Astral community, we’ve been preparing an Astral Exclusive D&D 5e compatible adventure, The Siege of Kol-Dun, free for anyone who has an Astral account. This adventure comes complete with an Adventure PDF, as well as an accompanying Astral Module, making this ready-to-play out of the box with minimal setup. This release is happening Very Soon™

What does this adventure include?

  • A tense, open-ended plot with several suggested ending paths.
  • Complete set of maps for the adventure, as well as pre-gen PCs from Astral’s PC character collection for every class.
  • Incorporation of Astral-specific features, such as Dynamic Lighting, animated effects, Canopy Layers, localized atmospheric audio, etc.
  • A detailed Adventure PDF complete with artwork.

This D&D 5e compatible adventure will run for 2-3 sessions depending on story path, and was designed for 4 PCs of 5th level, putting the parties investigative skills and moral decision making to the test.

Will they discover the secrets behind Kol-Dun Keep’s recent prosperity? Who is attacking the surrounding villages? Can they unravel a conspiracy, or will they take part in questionable methods to assure stability on the frontier?

Keep an eye on the Discord for the release announcement!

Special thanks to everyone who helped make this possible:

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