Astral tells me I need WebGL, firefox tells me I have it

Last week astral was working fine from Firefox, now it tells me I need WebGl. I have tried from two different computers and Chrome too, it only shows an empty black screen, on Chrome it shows a sad face, on Ffirefox the error message:
“Sorry, Astral requires WebGL to run. Try updating your browser or ensure Hardware Acceleration is enabled”
Could you help me please?

Hi @andras,

Here to help. Could you drop a bug report in the game that’s showing this error? I collect valuable metadata that helps me track down problems when using the bug reporting tool.

Once I receive your bug report I’ll assist you further. Sorry you’re having this issue, but we’ll get this sorted out.

Report submitted, I hope it helps

Hi @andras,

Thanks much! Received and investigated.

The reason Astral is not working for you is that your maps are massive! They’re huge, so huge that your browser’s attempt to render the image is crashing your browser’s GPU process. Maps that are too large will not only have severely degraded performance or not render at all, but those it does render for will likely break any time effects are used.

There’s ways to make this work, though. First, you’ll need to remove these maps from your vault. Then take the original image you uploaded and run it through an image converter and reduce the overall pixel count. Scale the map down as far as you can without overly compromising image quality, then reupload. If it’s possible, break the map into smaller maps that players can visit individually.

There’s more information about performance tips here:

Hope this helps!


It would be a big help if the error message said this, instead of some untrue statements.
I will ask my Game Master to look into the map sizes.

Thanks and regards,