Astral servers down?


I have troubles for now.
When I try to connect to my game, the loading is really slow and once in the game the FPS goes from 11 to 1. It’s impossible to do anything. Yesterday I had 30 fps as usual.

Are the new features for beta tester (video) taking all the resources of the servers? Or is the problem with my account?

Thank you in advance.

You can see here my videoscreen since today.
See how it’s laggy.

Hi @Supervomito

Please use the bug report tool to let the team know about the issue that you are having. The forums are not a great place as the team don’t get here often.

I can’t be 100% sure, but if the FPS are dropping before you click on “Start Playing”, it’s probably not something exclusive to Astral.

Perhaps some other application is hogging your machine down? I know that on my Win10 machine everything grinds to a near-halt when new OS updates are being prepared.

But like LaMorte said… do smash that Report Bug button.

@Supervomito For what it’s worth, the Beta servers run on their own hardware and architecture, and will never slow down the performance of the release application.
Considering the slowdown is so severe prior to you even hitting Start Playing, the culprit is likely your browser, be it from a lack of available memory, improper gpu forwarding, or some other similar issue. These issues can crop up quite unexpectedly in any given browser and are very hard to pin down, which is why bug reports are extremely helpful if you are able to drop them when experiencing these sorts of slowdowns.
We always suggest trying a Hard Refresh (ctrl/cmd + F5), trying in an incognito window, and if that doesn’t work testing in another browser all together.
While it is hard to give any standing recommendation on what browsers work best for the app, Microsoft’s Edge browser is currently performing best for the majority of users.

First thanks for all your response guys ! :smile:

Then, today troubles are gone. :partying_face:

@LaMorte I reported the bug with link to topic yesterday.

@roflo1 Maybe you are right but I have a strong machine and everything was fine during the day, no others slow were detected. Interesting thing, the vault was working perfectly but I don’t try to modify a map, just character sheet and it was pretty fluid.

@Rysith Thanks for all details. I reported the bug during my session.
Hard refresh is a good idea, it maybe help for next time. I use BRAVE as browser but it’s chromium architecture and all was fine before.


I have been noticing in various forums that there have been wide spread internet connectivity issues around the world over the last few days.


There is little chance that it is because I spent my day on the internet and on online games without noticing the slightest difference. It’s a mystery to all of us ; D !