Astral Hotkeys

Function / Desc / Key Assignment / Site Locate
Lock / Lock and Unlock selected map assets / Ctrl+L (again to unlock) / Map Editor

Please update astral hotkeys webpage to include map editor: handling the basics webpage and other hotkey keystrokes. It’s no one’s fault but my own, but i spent 1.5 hours laying tile floor down on a map adding fifty layers when i could have just used Shift+Bounding-Box, but that command wasn’t on the Astral Hotkey List webpage.

The Shift-Bounding box action that you are talking about is actually discussed fully in the FAQ, under the Map Building section called Tiling.

Glad you are enjoying building your maps.

yes, i found it there. thanks for the info though. my thought is that the astral hotkeys page is a “master list” of, well, astral hotkeys.
if it doesn’t happen, that’s fine. but i was thinking about the next person who didn’t find know about it .