Astral for SmartPhones

Hi, I thought this platform was wonderful and that it has great potential to explore and even though it is perhaps the minority, I believe that attention should be paid to people who do not have access to a computer or notebook. I have many acquaintances who are looking for tabletop platforms for smartphones but never found anything that had a good compatibility. well I believe this is not the main idea of ​​the platform but it is an idea I had that will welcome many players who do not have access to a computer or notebook. I thank you for this wonderful platform you are creating and I hope you can improve it as the players need it.

You’re not wrong. There is this Astral Mobile App? feature request for specifically that, but I don’t know if there are any plans for it yet.

That said, even though it isn’t officially supported, you can use Astral on some mobile devices. You’ll have some difficulty interacting with the map (specifically moving tokens around, I think), but chat works 100% and the map still displays. If the GM moves tokens around, it can work.

Hi @Saiki and welcome to our forums.

As @Blarghedy has mentioned, there are no current plans on making a mobile-centric version of Astral available, yet.

The real issue is that Astral uses WebGL for creating all the effects available, and WebGL does require a lot of performance from the GPU in whatever system you use.

I have had success using my Kirin 810 powered smartphone, but only when the GM has followed all the Performance Tips as provided by the Astral team, and then only after using my tip to slice all large images into (a minimum) of 700px X 700px squares.

I have tested my largest map that I have ever created, using a stupid amount of Dynamic Lighting (which has been optimized as far as I can see our esteemed founder going) with Light Sources, on my P40 Lite (2021 edition), and had more than playable frame-rates for a tabletop RPG.

As in all things computer, the better the source material, the better the results.

The team is still working on improving the performance of Character Sheets, which I believe to be the last, large, obstacle to providing a smooth experience for players on a mobile device.

I do not see any VTT, in the near future, providing the ability for a GM to manage and run a game from a mobile device without a foundational rebuild of the entire system, or leaving the GM with (as a last resort) having to monitor the game with a player account, to see what would need to bee a very abstracted (GM cannot see what they are doing but needs to rely on the system to do what they expect) system, due to the small screen space, no matter the rez, to manage a game.

My wife and I have just started a pathfinder group on Astral tabletop amd love it. Was looking to see if there was a mobile app for it and sadly there isn’t yet. But I have an idea for you team who is working on the mobile app. @LaMorte make the app an extention of what is on the screen of the computer where you can be logged in in both location. See whats happening on the big screen and have all the dice rolling selecting happen on the app and/or maybe have some character buttons for abilities, etc. Food for thought.