Assign/unassign multiple characters

I create puzzles in the VTT itself, which involves players moving multiple pieces (technically characters). This is really cumbersome, since I can only assign/unassign characters one-by-one. It would be great if once multiple characters are selected, I could assign/unassign all of them with a rightclick.

This would also be handy for group objects such as wagons, horses, which often I have to give one player control of so they can make sure it isn’t lost as the party moves around.

@Aercus the Feature Request that you are looking for would be Shared sheets

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I think that shared sheets implies that just the sheet/statistics are shared amongst the group, as opposed to the token being assigned to multiple players? I do see though that you’ve linked some token-related requests to that post, so fair enough!

Shared sheets could be used for things like space ships, where any player on board might be required to move the token, so all players would have full access to the sheet, hence token.