Assets ordered alphabetically by default (Pro)

I suggest assets should be alphabetically ordered, both in the ‘folder view’ (My Vault / Map Editor) and within each folder. I’m kind of confused as to how (if?) they’re ordered now.

This is particularly frustrating in the ‘My Assets’ view where there are dozens of folders, but apart from some ordering at the top (perhaps for free accounts?) it descends into chaos later on. The folders are smartly named; heck even just putting them in sub-folders would be a start (Tokens in one, miniatures in another, map essentials, etc). But I’ll settle for all of it being alphabetical.

(Is it by file size? When the folder was created? It’s driving me nuts…)

As best I can tell, they’re ordered by their marketplace IDs, so basically when they were added. I definitely agree there needs to be a better sorting option, and perhaps filtering too (e.g. see only tokens packs, or exclude audio)

As for Assets in your own Vault, just like on the file system of your own computer, creating and managing folders will be up to you, as Astral has no means of identifying what your intended use is for any images that you upload.

I know the team have spoken about better Asset Management tools, and have ideas on implementation, which I’m positive that they’ll get to as and when they have the time available.

Except it’s hard to manage folder contents when you can’t sort them. Just an option to sort alphanumerically or by date added would be awesome.


If that’s the case, that’s really, really dumb, IMO. Basically that’s ‘sort by newest’, which is arguably the least useful sorting option when dealing with an asset group as big as this.

I’ve spoken with our great leader, and there are plans in the pipeline for improving asset management overall.

Stay tuned.


Sorts or filters of some sort (A tag system?) would be extremely helpful in our vaults!

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Any news on this? A simple “sort by” dropdown would be so useful.

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Now that Fog of War is out, the developers will have the time to start looking into other issues. I’m sure that this is in the pipeline.