Asset management improvement request

I love that I can import assets that I bought elsewhere into Astral. I don’t love how difficult it is to manage those assets once they have been imported. Right now if I want to move some assets around, I have to do it one. asset. at. a. time. This is very tedious and gets frustrating. It would be nice to be able to select multiple assets at a time and mass move/delete/tag/whatever.

If you have no assets selected, zoom all the way out, you should be able to click and drag to select multiple at once.

You mean organizing uploaded assets between folders from My Assets section of the Vault?
Just want to make sure I understand the request, thanks much!

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This is a big item for me, too. This is my top request as a GM, making Vault management better. I did a big upload of tokens, but managing them is BRUTAL. I tried to delete the folders they were in, and it just dumped the assets back to the root level, and I have to delete them individually and re-upload tokens into the groups I want them in, which kills hours of time and enjoyment.


Honest question: how do I delete assets in the root folder of imports? Before I realized I could make folders (and subfolders) I imported some ‘test items’ and they’re all just stuck in the root directory.

Hopefully it’s some obvious thing I just missed.

Hi @Rockjaw,

Click on the asset in the imports folder, and a big window pops up. Click the “delete” option, and it should remove it from your vault for you.

Hope this helps!

Thank you!! I think I was trying to figure out how to delete in the Map Editor (because I imported them there… I think). Small UX note for you. :slight_smile:

Ah yes. All asset management happens from the Vault. In-game and in the map editor, the sidebar is more a shortcut window to your vault and can’t handle customization or management options.

Would you like to officially request that the Vault Sidebar in-game and in editor also have options for asset management in conjunction with the above management improvements?

I think it’d be nice - either that or perhaps add some sort of shortcut/reminder to tell people in Map Editor that they have more options in the Vault?

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Yes, the lack of asset management options is a huge problem for on the fly GMing! To be truly competitive, and functional, for campaigns (rather than one-off adventure sessions) this is an enormous inconvenience that will significantly slow game progress.


Also, marketplace items that are included with Pro subscriptions should be flagged as such.

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Getting some love in managing Assets would be fantastic. Moving around, Multiple select, Tagging would all be a fantastic first step!

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Hi @Aestolia

You can tag Assets. Click on the Asset, then type and / or select an option in the Tag box.

I’m pretty fastidious about naming my tokens (“PC - Bob”, “NPC - Alice”, “Monster - Cthulhu”) so even just being able to alphabetize my folders would be A+.


“just being able to alphabetize” <- THIS. As I have been uploading more items, it has frustrated me to no end that the assets seem to be in no particular order. Place 40 assets in a folder, then try to find the right one and there is no knowing if it’s close to the top or bottom of the list.


“just being able to alphabetize” <- Would like to second this.

So did not know that this was out there…I posted a duplicate and management flagged mine, which they should have. Now, to be clear, here is what I see is missing in asset/vault management:

  • the ability to right click or click on a button on the asset/in the vault that allows deletion of said character or map…without having to open character or map up
  • the ability to drag a map or character to group them the way we want…also, the ability to alphabetize them
  • the ability to simply drag and drop imported/uploaded content into the various vault sections (characters, maps, etc)

Those are the big 3 that drive me nuts. Basically, the vault and all that is in it should have functionality similar to a Windows Explorer window.

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Hi @RicktheDM

Just to straighten things, I’m just a mod, not staff. Glad you got your post in.

Also moving folders, not only assets themselves.