April Changelog

Here’s what’s new this month in our newly released experience! This is updated whenever our team pushes notable updates, features, and bug fixes.

April 24 | V2 2.1.18

  • :game_die: Rolls with odd min/max values now highlights critical properly
  • :heavy_plus_sign: Using +/- keys on input no longer zooms map
  • :watch: Deleted games no longer remind you or your party about your schedule
  • :ghost: Fixed a few spooky character problems
  • :arrow_right: Using arrow keys no longer allows characters to move through walls
  • :mag_right: Characters removed from the area are no longer selectable

April 23 | V2 2.1.15


  • :+1: Allow multiple GMs
  • :wastebasket: Delete games maps from sidebar
  • :mute: Close audio player button

April 8 | V2 Experience Released for Everyone!

We officially launched the V2 beta for wide release! Since then, we’ve been making many minor changes that you’ll see reflected here.

April 2 | V2 Beta 2.1.0

New Features

  • :world_map: Animated Maps & Sounds included for everyone in “Astral Animated Encounters”
  • :zap: Pre-generate game with sample maps, triggers, sounds, and compendiums
  • :blue_book: New! Game Master Compendium


  • Hide characters from player view
  • :x: Remove characters from game ( Press Del/Backspace )
  • :racehorse: Improve performance of live updates
  • :sunglasses: New logo and UI improvements
  • :gear: Game Setting — Restrict player movement/interactivity

Bug Fixes

  • Beacons (double-click) no longer freeze on players’ screens
  • Beacons only appear in the origin area
  • Trigger pane scrolls
  • Minor v2 cleanup