AOE Tokens

Is there any way to create AOE tokens? And will they be able to exist under NPC and Player Tokens?

What I and many other players do is create a “Character” that uses the AOE image as the character token.

Aha, I was about to ask the same question - also for cone/cube/radius effects. It’d be really useful to have a template/token/tool that could show the area of effect following an action, but I can’t see how to do that with character actions or the tokens I can see.

What am I missing?

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You will have to create or download your own AoE images for this purpose.

I just made a circle, a triangle (cone) and a square in Photoshop with 60% opacity (so we can see what’s under it if necessary), exported as PNG, and then imported to my assets. Then I made a new D&D 5e “Monster” with the name “AOE Sphere,” “AOE Cone,” and “AOE Cube” and all I did with their “character sheet” was the name and the size. I left all other stats blank because, you don’t need them. Then I added them to my game. If you need a different size you can resize on the fly in-game.

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Ok, I’m doing that now. Will the player token and the AOE be able to exist in the same square? And can I program it so that the AOE is layered beneath the token?

They’ll exist in the same square. As for layering it under the characters? I believe that the last token moved will be on top.

That being said, your players, only having access to their tokens, will be able to click through your AoE token.

Awesome, thanks for the insight.