Another Dice Syntax Question

Actually it’s to carry on from my first that was closed…

Now I’ve had time to test the first response I was given it’s not working as expected.

I need to Roll 1d10 add DEX and add AcrobaticsRank and compare that total to 7.

Doing it the way you’ve suggested it compares the result rolled on 1d10 to the number and then adds DEX and AcrobaticsRank. This does not should the correct result for a Success or not.

You would need to do it the same way the that the Infinity RPG, Star Trek and Conan sheets do it.

!(1d10cs>={7 - DEX - AcrobaticsRank})

Since you can’t do the addition and then compare, you campare to the base less the Stats.

Okay - that’s a different way of looking at it? I will give that a go and see what I get.

Thanks for the reply.

I need to workout how to prompt for a value, say a difficulty number. This would replace the 7 in the Syntax above.

Hi @Matt_Bell

There is Feature Request for a Roll Query that would provide a prompt for input, but nothing like that exists currently.