Announcing Tabletop Chat (and GenCon Promo: Free Weekend!)

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Astral Updates: New Features + Gen Con Promo!

It’s been a busy month here in the Astral Plane! We’ve launched several exciting new updates; read on for the juicy details.

GenCon Promo!

During GenCon only, all Pro features are available to everyone. Sign up for Pro during this period to get 20% off your first subscription purchase by using promo code GENCON2019
More info below.

Starter Game Templates

New Astralnauts now have two expertly designed game templates to choose from: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition and Call of Cthulhu. These starter games come with pre-generated maps, characters, and story ideas. Here’s a teaser:
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If you are interested in playing with these new tailored experiences, visit and choose your adventure! Who knows, maybe we’ll show you something you didn’t know! :wink:

New Character Menu

We’ve added new features to the Character Window, including tabs for Actions and Notes!

  • Actions: An Action is something your character does or emotes. You can define these things (e.g. emotes, rolls, etc) by creating an Action in the Character Window. When clicked, these actions will be performed as your character!
  • Notes: Players and GMs each have tabs for convenient note-taking during game sessions. (GM Notes are hidden to players.)
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    Get Started with the Character Window

TableTop Chat

We’ve given our trusty Dice Roller a major update. It’s now TableTop Chat because you can roll dice, evoke character actions, and chat with your fellow players, all in one convenient location! When you create Actions and Attributes in the Character Window, these appear in the TableTop Chat during your game. TableTop Chat also supports markdown so you can add an engaging visual element to your discussion.
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Note: This development means that we’ll be sunsetting our current Dice Roller in the near future. We’ll be sure to give you a heads up when that will take effect. For now, you can still access the Dice Roller via the Game Journal page.
Get Started with TableTop Chat
Gen Con!

Lest you thought that was it for announcements… we’ve unlocked Pro for EVERYONE in celebration of Gen Con! Invite your friends and enjoy all the perks of Astral Pro for free from August 1 through August 4. Log in to get started!
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Keep the party going by signing up for annual plan before the end of the weekend. Use code GENCON2019 to save 20% on an annual subscription (two months free!).

(Speaking of Gen Con, our marketing warlock, Ashley, will be roaming around the con with some sweet Astral stickers in tow. Tweet us @AstralVTT if you want one!)

We hope you’re excited about these new features! There’s much more to come. Join our Discord channel or email and let us know what you think.

Happy adventuring!
The Astral Team