Animated Dice Roller companion app/site

semi related to the topic Animated Dice Rolls, but different enough that I thought i would create a separate feature request, another suggestion to implement animated dice rolls would be to use a companion phone app / responsive site that filled the same purpose.

There are plenty of phone apps / third party sites that have animated dice rolls. having an integration between one of these third party sites / apps and Astral to display the results of the roll in chat, but have the animation in a separate app/site.

It’s fair to say that almost everyone using Astral would have their phone close by, or a second screen to open another web page, so letting that handle the dice roll and just pushing the results might be a potential solution?

original Animated Dice Rolls feature request here - Animated Dice Rolls

To be perfectly fair, some of us don’t actually have access to a mobile phone, never mind a tablet.

Sure, I didn’t mean to exclude anyone with my suggestion, sorry if I offended. I just meant to say that smartphones are a pretty ubiquitous device today, and almost all users would have access to a modern browser with the ability to run multiple tabs.

Another option to achieve the same thing would be a astral player app, much like what exists with chat/audio/initiative tracker?

The current thought is for the dice to roll on the map, much like that other VTT that supports 3D dice. But we’ll have to see where it goes.